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Experiencing an issue with Zenhub? Start here

Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

If you're experiencing an issue with Zenhub, or seeing an error such as "This Workspace cannot be loaded", start here. These steps will resolve the majority of issues that you may run into with Zenhub.

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1. Check your GitHub permissions

2. Use Chrome or Firefox (official build)

3. Switch to the extension or webapp

4. Force an update

5. Check for interfering extensions or adblockers. 

6. Contacting support

1. Check your GitHub permissions

Ensure that you’ve been granted at least “Read” access to this repository in GitHub (learn more about GitHub Repository permissions). 

Your permissions in GitHub carry through to Zenhub, meaning, if you don't have access to a repository in GitHub, you will not be able to see any Issues or information about that repository in ZenHub. More information on how GitHub permissions work in Zenhub.

2. Use Chrome or Firefox for your web browser

Zenhub supports Chrome and Firefox official builds, up to the last three versions. If you’re already using one of these browsers, try switching to the other. (Let us know if the issue only happens in your preferred browser - this will help us narrow down the problem!) 

Please note that we do not support unofficial browser builds, such as developer builds or dark mode. 

3. Switch to the extension or webapp

Zenhub is available as both an extension (download it here) and a webapp (log in here). If your issue happens in just one of the extension or the webapp, let us know! 

Using the Zenhub extension? Try these additional steps:

4. Force an update of your extension. 

Ensure that you’re on the most current version of the Zenhub extension by manually updating it. Follow these instructions for Chrome, and these instructions for Firefox

If you’re experiencing a bug, we may have already released a fix for it in the latest version. Please note, if you’re using the Zenhub webapp ( you’ll already be on the most up-to-date version. 

5. Check for adblockers or other interfering extensions.

Some extensions—most commonly third-party adblockers—can prevent Zenhub from loading. Try disabling your other extensions and refreshing the page. If Zenhub loads as expected, you can begin re-enabling each extension to isolate the culprit.  

Alternatively, you can create a new, clean, profile in your browser (see Chrome and Firefox instructions) and install Zenhub in this profile. If Zenhub loads as expected, you can confirm that another extension is interfering.

Still having trouble? Get in touch

If you’ve tried the steps above and are still experiencing the issue, check out our Advanced Troubleshooting here

At any time, feel free to get in touch with our support team at To help us resolve your inquiry as quickly as possible, please provide the following information:

  • Your web browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  • Are you using the extension or webapp?
  • Is this an isolated issue, or are others in your GitHub organization experiencing it (if applicable)?
  • Have your GitHub permissions recently changed? Note: you made need to confirm this with your GitHub administrator. 

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