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Note: ZenHub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to ZenHub

Whether you're a student working on a school project, a professor looking to leverage ZenHub in the classroom, or otherwise supporting educational growth, ZenHub offers free educational discounts!

Available academic plans

Currently, ZenHub only charges for use within a GitHub organization. If you're using personal repos, regardless if they're public or private repos in GitHub, you can simply sign up either with the extension or web app, authorize your GitHub account to connect with ZenHub and get started!

You shouldn't see any end-of-trial or payment screens once getting started if you're using your personal account to use ZenHub for academic use. 

Using a GitHub organization in the classroom

To get started with ZenHub for educational use, we will need you to authorize your account with ZenHub by signing up either with the extension or web app, and visiting a ZenHub Workspace that is connected to a private repo. Visiting a private repo in your organization will trigger a trial of ZenHub. 

Once the trial is initiated, request a discount. To request a discount, email us with the following:

  • Your GitHub organization name:
  • What you'll be using ZenHub for in the classroom
  • Confirmation that you've initiated a trial and received the trial kick-off email

Once we apply the discount, you'll also need to subscribe to ZenHub so when the trial is over, the subscription is set as valid so no one gets blocked from access. The instructions for subscribing can be found here

You can subscribe to a plan at anytime during the trial, entering a valid credit card. You won't be charged once the trial is over. We'll assign the discount during the trial so there will be a $0 invoice post-trial. 

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