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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

Learn about plans, payments, and more.

Who needs to pay for Zenhub?
You'll need to pay for users that you invite into your Zenhub Organization AND assign a license to. Zenhub is just $12.50 US, per user, per month. Visit our pricing page to learn more about Zenhub pricing and plans.
Can I pay yearly for a discount?
Yes, you save 33% with annual payments! To pay for Zenhub on an annual basis, click Add Licenses on your Dashboard and select the yearly option.
Do I have to pay for every member that is part of my GitHub organization?
No — Only the users you want to have access need a Zenhub license. Head to the Zenhub Dashboard to purchase and assign licenses to your team members.
How does your pricing work?
Zenhub's pricing is pay-as-you-go, processed securely by Stripe. Your plan can grow with your team and there are no contracts to sign. Zenhub's Dashboard is your team's payment hub, where you can add licenses, make payments, grant administrative permission, and more.
How do I pay for Zenhub?
Access your private Payments Dashboard to manage your team's Zenhub licenses. Under Account details in the Dashboard you can view and edit billing information (including credit card details), cancel your subscription, and view billing history.
Can I pay for a subset of team members?
Of course — Zenhub admins can easily control licenses via the Manage your plan section of the Dashboard. That said, Zenhub gets more useful the more team members you onboard.
Who can make a payment on the Dashboard?
Your organization's administrators can control Zenhub's payment Dashboard; the Dashboard has limited functionality for non-administrators. Note: Whomever makes the initial payment becomes that organization's administrator.
How do I add an admin for my organization?
It's helpful to grant admin capability to several team members. On the Dashboard's Manage your plan section, locate the person you wish to add and click the three dots beside their name. You will see an option to make them an admin if you are already an admin.

General note about all subscriptions: All of our plans are charged in USD.

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