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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

New team members need to be invited to join Zenhub. As a new team member, forward this page to a member of your team so they can generate an invite for you.

1. Inviting team members by sharing a Zenhub invite link

2. Inviting team members via email.

1. Inviting your team by sharing an invite link to the Workspace

 When viewing a Workspace, navigate to the sidebar navigation where you will see the Invite your team option:

Selecting the Invite your team option on the Board will open the invite pop-up modal where you can copy an invite link to share with members of your organization. 

Please note the following:

- If you and your team use GitHub with Zenhub, you must first invite your team members to your GitHub Organization before inviting them to Zenhub

- Invite links expire after 48 hours.

2. Inviting team members via email

Selecting the Invite your team option will open up a pop-up modal where you can enter your team member's email address 

- Please note that invites sent by email can be flagged as "promotional" by Gmail, check your Promotions tab and/or your spam folder if an invite doesn't arrive...

My teammate received the invite, what do they need to do?

When your team member has received the invite, they can follow the link in the email to set up an account. After setting up their account they will be prompted to verify their email address. In doing so they will generate a list of Zenhub Organizations that are linked to their email domain and can request access to the workspace from the administrator.

If you and your team use GitHub with Zenhub, they need to connect their GitHub accounts. Make sure they have write permissions to the repositories Zenhub is being used for (which is managed through the GitHub repo permission model), once authorized, they'll be able to see all of your GitHub Issues in Zenhub.

What if my team member can not see the Zenhub Board?

If your team member cannot see the Zenhub board, it could be because they created their own Organization and Workspace instead of using an invite link. Try inviting them again by sending another invite, or by copying the Workspace link and sharing directly.

If they receive an error message, we have some key troubleshooting guides available to help debug the issue.

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