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What are Saved Views?

When working on your Zenhub Board, you may often need to apply various filters to focus on the most relevant Issues. However, repeatedly applying and removing the same filters can become cumbersome and time-consuming. To address this challenge, Zenhub introduced Saved Views. This powerful feature allows you to save and retrieve customized sets of filters as board "views," reducing friction and improving your overall workflow.

Why Use Saved Views?

Saved Views are designed to enhance your productivity and provide a seamless Board experience. Here are some key benefits:

  • Quick Access to Relevant Information: Save your frequently used filter combinations as ‘views’ for easy retrieval. Whether you're preparing for an agile ceremony, reviewing progress, or focusing on assigned tickets, Saved Views enable you to access the information that matters most quickly.
  • Efficient Collaboration: Share your Saved Views with other team members to align on specific filters and work collaboratively. Ensure everyone is on the same page by leveraging shared views for bug triage, backlog refinement, or team-specific tasks.
  • Reduce Workflow Friction: By eliminating the need to repeatedly apply filters, Saved Views streamline your workflow. Spend less time configuring filters and more time working on the tasks that drive your projects forward.

Getting Started with Saved Views

Creating a Saved View

Apply the desired filters to the Zenhub board, narrowing down the displayed issues based on your requirements.

  1. Click on the “Save as new view” button located beneath the board filters.
  2. Provide a name for your Saved View to help you identify and retrieve it later.
  3. Click Save to store the view for future use.

Accessing Saved Views

To access your Saved Views;

  1. Navigate to the Zenhub board.
  2. Locate the Views dropdown menu in the filters menu.
  3. Click on the dropdown menu and select the desired Saved View from the list.

Modifying and Updating Saved Views

When a Saved View is applied, its name will be displayed as a filter chip in the active filters bar on the board. To modify the filters within a Saved View, make the desired changes directly on the board.

Once the filters are updated, you have two options:

  • Update saved view: If you want to save the modified filters in the current view.
  • Save as new view: If you want to create a new Saved View with the modified filters, click on the Save as New View button.

Managing Saved Views

To manage your Saved Views, navigate to the Zenhub board.

  1. Open the Views dropdown menu.
  2. In the Views dropdown menu, you can edit the names of your Saved Views and delete unnecessary views.

Saved Views in Zenhub empower you to save and retrieve customized sets of filters, streamlining your workflow and enhancing collaboration. This feature lets you quickly access the necessary information and focus on what matters most. Try out Saved Views today and experience a more efficient and seamless board experience in Zenhub.

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