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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

GitHub issue visibility by repository allows you to choose which issues within which repository you want to have limited access to those that are in your workspace.

The limited access to the GitHub issue is being able to see the title and description but the member cannot comment on it or change any GitHub metadata (i.e Labels, assignees, and milestones) on the right hand side. Any Zenhub metadata (i.e Pipelines (but cannot close the issue), sprints, estimates, epics and releases) can be added or changed.

How to enable GitHub issues visibility

Head over to the Edit Workspace section in Zenhub, from there you will see a section called ‘Workspace Issue Sources’ from there you will see the list of repositories you have within the workspace you are working in.

Note: You only have this ability to making these changes to the repositories if you have GitHub admin access.

Next to each repository will be the option an eye icon displaying whether or not this feature has been turned on yet. Next to the eye icon is a 3 dot menu.

This 3 dot menu gives you the option of enabling GitHub issues visibility for everyone in that workspace or just for those that have GitHub access.

Why don’t I have the options to make these changes?

If you are seeing the 3 dot menu and only have the option to make the repository default in that workspace or to remove it then you require GitHub admin access. You may need to ask someone who is a GitHub admin to enable the feature or ask to be added as a GitHub admin for that repository. You can find this within the settings page for the repository in GitHub.

What happens when a workspace member doesn't have GitHub access to the repository you have enabled? 

Once you have enabled GitHub issues visibility to a repository on a workspace, it will override GitHub's read permissions and will allow all users within that workspace to see issues from that repository, but with limitations. If you disable GitHub issue visibility, issues will only be visible to those with GitHub access. 

What does this mean for code access?

This feature only applies to GitHub issues, PR titles and descriptions. Rest assured when GitHub issue visibility is turned on, users without GitHub access will not have any access to your code. 

What do the GitHub issues look like once this feature is enabled?

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