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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

Using dark mode in Zenhub

For choice and preference in how and when you use Zenhub, you can configure dark mode and set this as your preference for how you'd like Zenhub to look and feel. You may choose dark mode in Zenhub to help with eye strain in low light conditions, help with light sensitivity, or because it's your preferred theme.

Adjusting your dark mode preference

How you adjust your dark mode preference depends on whether you use the Zenhub web app or the extension.

Zenhub Web app

To adjust your preference in the Zenhub web app, select your name in the bottom left of the app to access the user settings. From here, you can select Dark mode

Zenhub extension

The Zenhub extension will match whatever active theme you have in GitHub. You can adjust your theme preference in GitHub by:

  1. Clicking your profile photo in the upper right corner of any GitHub page
  2. Click settings
  3. Click Appearance in the user settings sidebar
  4. Click the theme you would like to use

You can find more information on managing your theme settings in GitHub here


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