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Re-Authenticating Zenhub if your team is using SAML.

Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

SAML single sign-on (SSO) gives organization owners and enterprise owners on GitHub a way to control and secure access to organization resources like repositories, issues, and pull requests. If you have recently authenticated with your organization's SAML IdP in your browser, you are automatically authorized when you access a GitHub organization that uses SAML SSO. For more information about SAML & GitHub click here.

At times, this can impact your access in Zenhub and a quick re-authentication is required. Some common examples of this error are provided below. If you suspect you may be experiencing a SAML re-authentication error please follow the instructions below to re-authenticate your access to ZenHub.

Why does my repo list "load indefinitely"?

If you are adding new repositories to a workspace, one symptom of SAML needing to re-authenticate your access to Zenhub can be identified as your repo list loading indefinitely.

Why is Zenhub asking me to request a license? I already have one.

If you are new to a team that has several organizations, one symptom of SAML needing to re-authenticate your access to Zenhub can be identified as a prompt to request a Zenhub license. If you already have one please see instructions below.

"Workspace cannot be loaded".

If you have recently noticed that you are unable to load your teams workspace and you have all required permissions, this may be SAML requiring re-authentication.

Steps to regain access to Zenhub:

  1. Confirm with your organization Admin that Zenhub is still an authorized application for your organization (if you've been using Zenhub previously and other members of the org still have access this is likely not the case and you can skip this step)
  2. Log out of Zenhub
  3. Click the login button
  4. You'll see a screen on GitHub that looks like this(assuming you're already logged in to GitHub:

5. Click on Authorize (Instead of the "Continue" button") This will re-authenticate your GitHub account using your SSO provider.

6. Login using your SSO provider, you should be redirected back to Zenhub afterward showing that you're successfully logged in.

7. Once this is done you should have access to the repositories within that org.

Note: If using Zenhub from multiple devices when logging into Zenhub on any device make sure to click the "Authorize" button for the org you're wanting to access repositories on. If the authorize button isn't clicked and SSO logged in, you will not be able to see that organization in ZenHub or modify any issues in any of your workspaces that belong to that organization.

To rectify this state, log out of Zenhub and follow the steps above.

If you've logged into GitHub using SSO separately(outside of Zenhub's login flow) and do not get the first screen, you may need to log out and log back in multiple times to make sure your SAML session is properly picked up but you'll only need to authorize the first time.

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