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License Governance in Zenhub Enterprise

Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub


License Governance is a feature introduced to Zenhub Enterprise in version 2.44 to help Zenhub Enterprise system administrators exert more control over the usage of Zenhub.

By default, Zenhub will provide any available license to any user who accesses your ZHE instance, and has the correct GitHub permissions (at least read permission for the repo. Learn more here.). With License Governance, Zenhub admins have a greater ability to control user access to the Zenhub application. 

License Governance introduces the two new concepts to Zenhub: the Zenhub Admin, and Licensing Modes.

Zenhub Admins

A Zenhub Admin is a user that can manage Zenhub licenses. The first Zenhub admin is created in the Settings page of the Zenhub Management application. The admin is created by entering the valid GitHub username of a user that has already logged in to Zenhub at least once.

More admins can be created here at any time. However, once a single admin is created, that admin can also create (or demote) admins directly from the Zenhub Dashboard. 

See below how I access the Dashboard from the Zenhub web app, review my Enterprise's license settings, and promote a user to Zenhub Admin.

If you need to demote an admin to a regular user, select the three dots located next to an admin and select Make a regular user.

Licensing Modes

There are two options for how licenses are provided to users.

1. Up to license limits 

Users will be automatically granted a license when they access the Workspace, as long as a license is available. If there are not enough licenses available, users will be prompted to request a license from a Zenhub admin. Zenhub admins will be notified and can approve the license request from the Seats page in their dashboard. Please note: surcharges may apply (read here for more information on billing in Zenhub Enterprise). 

2. Never auto-assign

All users will need to request a license from Zenhub admins, even if there are licenses available. Admins will be notified and can approve the request from the Seats page in their dashboard. 

License Governance Best Practices

Once you have chosen the licensing mode that works best for your organization, there are a few recommended practices to put in place to successfully manage ZenHub users:

 1. As an Admin you will need to actively monitor your Zenhub license requests on a regular basis via the Team Members tab in your Admin portal. The feature doesn't currently support notifications to Admins. 

2. If you have a larger user base to manage, assign more than one Admin to your team to share the management of users.

How do I contact users?

If an Admin receives a Zenhub license request and that request needs to be verified before approval, the best way to contact the user is by searching their GiHub user name and navigating to their GitHub user profile. This profile should provide the relevant contact information to communicate directly with the user. 

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