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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

Visualize the long-term goals for your company to achieve success

Zenhub Roadmaps allows your team to plan and track your long-term product roadmap. Aligning upcoming and ongoing initiatives with planned work, like Epics, teams are provided with real-time updates on Project progress. 

Project Manager, Product Manager, or Scrum Master

Zenhub Roadmaps provides a timeline view that is directly connected to development work being done in Github so you know the real-time status of every one of your software Projects.

Use an all-new hierarchy inside Zenhub called Projects--high-level plans with the desired start and end date--to help envision your future plans. Projects can be placeholders for upcoming initiatives that need to be assessed and prioritized, or they can be used to track the progress of current initiatives, broken down by Epic for a more detailed view. 

Plan confidently by using live GitHub data updated in real-time. A Roadmap is based on work your team is already doing on GitHub, meaning Projects and Epics are tracked by story points or issues completed. Roadmaps become your one central source of truth, eliminating extra tools in your tech stack and reducing context switching. 

Developer or individual contributor 

Keep your entire team in the loop without ever leaving GitHub, and eliminate the need for manual updates. Simply continue closing issues and merging pull requests; Roadmaps will contextualize the work to communicate progress to stakeholders. 

Plan better by gaining insight into upcoming technical Projects and infrastructure work that will require resources. Zenhub Roadmaps updates instantly to show real-time changes around new Epics and Projects, duration changes, and timeline shifts. 


For the first time, the executive team has complete visibility into the real-time Project status of every software project. Zenhub Roadmaps drives alignment across the entire business, creating a new level of transparency into the progress being made on key software initiatives. Armed with this new level of information into the work being done by your development team, easily understand potential blockers and proactively address resource gaps.

Ensure all stakeholders have an accurate understanding of current initiatives and future product direction. Provide external stakeholders with the view that matters most to them, changing the roadmap timescale from weeks to months to quarters for a business-level overview.

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