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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

Within ZenHub, you can assign a high priority status to your issues which will pin them to the top of a pipeline. This enables you to effectively communicate the urgency of your work so that team members have a clear understanding about what issues should be tackled first.  

Benefits of issue priority

Here are a few ways Issue priority helps teams:

  • High priority status highlights important issues by pinning them to the top of the pipeline. This ensures all team members have a clear understanding of what work should be tackled first. 
  • Keep your product backlog unblocked and organized by pinning urgent roadmap items as high priority.
  • Ensure critical bugs are easily identifiable and instantly accessible for your team to work on.

Assigning a high priority status to issues

There are a few different ways for you to assign a high priority status to an issue:

1. Issue options menu: When hovering over an issue card on the Board, select the issue options menu where you can choose   Pin to top and and set as high priority 

You can also use the issue options menu to remove the high priority status:


2. From within the issue: When viewing an issue you can set the status to high priority in the issue sidebar. Here you will see all the different Workspaces this issue exists in and you can update the issue priority for each Workspace and pipeline accordingly:

Setting the priority of an issue is Workspace specific, therefore you will have to set and adjust the priority in each Workspace the issue exists in.

3. Using multi-select: Clicking on the avatar of any issue enables you to select multiple issues where you can then set a high priority status for all of the selected issues:

Note: Pull Requests cannot be assigned a high priority status

4. Dragging an issue above another High Priority Issue

You can quickly set an Issue to High Priority status by dragging it above an existing High Priority Issue.  Additionally, you can drag a High Priority Issue down into the non-priority issues to remove the High Priority Status.

Viewing issues with a high priority status:

Once issues have been assigned a high priority status, a pin icon with a High priority badge will be added to the issue and the issue is placed at the top of the pipeline in the Board. A red border will also be visible on the card indicating  that the issue is high priority:

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