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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

Navigating between Workspaces 

Navigate between Workspaces to quickly change context and check the progress and status of issues and epics in different Workspaces. Switch between Workspaces by:


1. Using the drop-down menu in the Workspace header

2. Using the dropdown menu in an Issue. Note: when inside of a dialog, this will only change the context within the popup and, when returning to the app, you will return to the original Workspace. 

3. Clicking the Workspace title in the header to bring up the Workspace switcher. View, edit, favorite, and see a list of frequently visited Workspaces and repos. Clicking a repo name will bring up the Workspace you have most recently visited.

Moving issues between pipelines

Moving an issue in your Workspace won’t affect its location in other Workspaces that contain this repo. The only exception is the Closed pipeline--when an Issue is closed in your Workspace, it automatically becomes closed in any other Workspaces that it’s in. 

Reminder: all content and metadata (assignees, estimate, epic, labels, open/closed status, etc) will continue to be unique to the Issue; only the pipeline will be unique to its Workspace. 

Click into an Issue to view or change its pipeline in another Workspace. You’ll see a list of all Workspaces (that you have permission to view) that contain this repo, and where the Issue lives in each one. Click the gear icon to change its location in any of these Workspaces.

Cross-Workspace functionality


Epics may now display a new heading named Issues not in this Workspace. Issues that are a part of the epic but not a part of a repo in the current Workspace will be listed here. Issues within the current Workspace will continue to be listed under their respective pipeline name. 


Similar to epics, dependencies may now display Not in this Workspace for dependent issues that are not a part of a repo in the current Workspace. Issues within the current Workspace will continue to show their respective pipeline name.

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