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When adding repos to a Workspace, you will need to decide where to place the Issues in the new Workspace. You can either: 

  1. Place all Issues from the repo in one pipeline (default).
  2. Copy Issue placement from another Workspace that the repo is part of.

Note: Issue placement in your new Workspace will not affect Issue placement in any other Workspaces.

Place all Issues in one pipeline

This is a good option if you’ll be creating a completely different workflow, or you want to sort the Issues individually in the new Workspace. All Issues from the repo will appear in one pipeline in the new Workspace. Issues will be in the same order as they are in the existing repo. 

Note: You’ll go through this process for each repo you’re adding. The Issues from each repo can be in a different pipeline in the new Workspace.

Copy Issue placement

This is a good option if you want Issues that are, for example,  In Progress in one Workspace to appear In Progress in the new Workspace; or all Issues that are Done in a Development Workspace to appear in Backlog in your new Design Workspace.

If a repo belongs to multiple Workspaces, you can choose which Workspace you want to copy Issue placement from. Issues will be grouped together by how they appear in the existing Workspace (i.e. grouped by pipeline) and moved as a group to the correct pipeline. Once you create your new Workspace, you can modify pipeline names, order and individual Issue placement.

How to select Issue placement 

  1. For each repo that you’re adding to the Workspace, you’ll see a drop-down menu.

  1. You can choose to place them all in one pipeline, or select a workspace you want to copy issue placement from 

  1. If you place all issues in a single pipeline, they will automatically default to the far left pipeline. 

  • If you choose to copy issue placement, Issue groups will be mapped according to pipeline name (e.g. Issues from  In Progress in the existing Workspace will land in In Progress in the new Workspace). If there is no pipeline with the same name in the new Workspace, Issue groups will default to the far left pipeline. 

  1. You can move Issue groups to a different pipeline by dragging and dropping, or hovering over the Issue group and using the arrows.

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