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Can I export information from ZenHub?

Reports Exports

Within ZenHub, you can export each report to CSV to further analyse your data and to generate customized reports. To generate a report export, navigate to any one of your reports where you will the Export to CSV option located in the top right of the report page next to the report title:

Benefits of exporting reports:

  • Provide executives and key stakeholders with information and key insights into team progress
  • Customize your data! By exporting your reports to CSVs you can create custom graphs and charts to present to your team

Board Export

At the moment, ZenHub does not have a native Board/data export feature. You can add your notes and vote on what you'd be looking to export to the feature request in our Product Portal.

While it's not native to the product, if you're looking to pull data into a third party solution, or external CSV, at the moment the best option is to leverage our robust suite of API endpoints to perform an export. Read through the API documentation

NOTE: You'll need to combine GitHub and ZenHub API endpoints.

As ZenHub is built using GitHub Issues, our API endpoints target ZenHub specific data, not all available Issue data. You'll need to pull from both the GitHub and ZenHub API to perform a comprehensive export.

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