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ZenHub Boards have powerful filtering to help teams get both the high level overview, and paired-down version of data. We've collated tips around how to interact best with the filters based on questions we have seen from teams. 

To learn more about using filters in your board and workflow to save time, check out the 'Filter and organize information' section in Board Features and Functionality.

What will show up when I select a Board filter

Each of our filters work a bit differently, but here's common functionality regardless of the filter used:

  • None of the filters have an inherent and/all logic. Once more than 1 filter option is applied, a filter-wide option appears to switch between any/all.
    • At the moment, you cannot create groupings of filters to add multiple layers of and/all logic. For example, if you wanted to bundle Bug and Cumulative Flow   or   Bug and  Low Priority you'd have to do two separate queries.
  • The filters will only show options on the Board where there are Issues on the Board that match the criteria. For example, if you created a new Milestone or label, but no Issues have yet been assigned the new label or Milestone, there's no Issues that could be filtered by this selection. Therefore, this option will not yet appear on the filter choices. 
    • This behaviour is different than the sidebar options within an Issue, or our multi-select actions. Because these are actions, not filters, they will show your newly created label and Milestone, because they're within the list of available selections to apply to the Issue

  • On all filters except  Authors and Epics, you get an option to filter by Issues with no _____. Use these to filter the Board by the inverse of the filter selected. For example, if you want to do Sprint hygiene, filter by Issues with no Estimate and pair this with your current Milestone. 

Using Filters and pipeline sorting

The filters and pipeline sorting are independent of the other, but can be combined. For example, if you want to filter a pipeline by oldest and layer on Bugs assigned to yourself, you can combine the sort and filters and the sorting will include only those Issues that match your filter selections. 

Filters vs. multi-action

Filters are meant to help you take an otherwise large set of information in a view, and create a sub-segment, or alternative view with less information. Unlike filters, you can use multi-action to make bulk Issue updates. If you're getting your Board setup, or making bulk actions, you can enter multi-action to make changes swiftly. To enter multi-action, click on the avatar of any Issue card.


Filtering a multi-repo Board

When you have more than 1 repository connected in your Workspace, use the Repos filter to toggle Issues on/off from view. If the repository is toggled off, the filters mirror this toggle-off. 

For example, if Repo 1 is unselected, toggled off from view, and Issue A is within Repo 1, assigned to Milestone 5, when filtering by Milestone 5, you will not see Issue A. If the only Issue in Milestone 5 is Issue A, because you've choose to exclude Repo 1 from your view, Milestone 5 won't show up in the Milestone view as there are no other matching Issues for it to display

Logic to know about specific filters

Regardless of the filter, as a reminder, the filters will only show you options where:

  • The thing you're filtering for exists in the repo you have toggled on (for multi-repo Boards)
  • The filter selection you're looking for has Issues that match that criteria open on the Board. If you just created something, but it's never been assigned to an Issue, it won't appear as it's not active as a potential view yet.

The Milestone filter

  • Milestones will appear as a filter option only when they:
    • Are open. 
      • Closed Milestones will not appear. You can filter the Board by a previously closed Milestone by navigating via GitHub to the repo's Milestone page, going to closed Milestones, clicking into the Milestone itself and use the See this milestone on the Board option. NOTE: This will only pull Issues that are still open, or are within the last 50 closed Issues on the Board (irrespective of the filter applied).  

    • Have Issues assigned to the Milestone that are open or within the last 50 closed Issues on the Board. They do not need to be estimated, but do need to appear on the Board
    • Have the respective repos filter option toggled on for the Issues you're trying to filter. If for example a Milestone exists in one of the repos toggled off and has assigned Issues, it will not appear as it doesn't 'exist' within the repositories still toggled on. 

The Label filter

  • Labels will appear as a filter option only when they:
    • Have Issues assign to the label that are open or within the last 50 closed Issues on the Board.
    • Have the respective repos filter option toggled on for the Issues you're trying to filter. If for example a label exists in one of the repos toggled off, but is assigned to an Issue, it will not appear as it doesn't 'exist' within the repositories still toggled on. 

The Author filter

  • This filter will only show you the authors of Issues that are on the Board. This will not show all available authors. If you have 100 team members, but only 30 create Issues, you will not see the extra 70 in the filters. It will only show you individuals who have created Issues open on the Board.

The Epic filter

  • When filtering by a specific Epic, it will also pull into view any nested Epics and that Epics Issues. If you want to see only the highest level of the Epic, and not it's nested Epics / child Issues you can combine your original Epic selection with an additional Not: selection, adding a Not: filter per-nested Epic

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