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Personalize your ZenHub Board and change pipeline names

ZenHub Boards come with six default pipelines to start with: New Issues, Backlog, To-Do, In Progress, Done, and Closed. However since every team works differently, we offer various features to help get the Board customized to suit more unique workflows.

Rename and delete pipelines

Behind the cog icon on the top of the pipeline is the option to rename existing pipelines, or delete them.

Renaming and deleting pipelines impacts everyone in the team

When you rename and delete pipelines, you'll be asked to confirm your changes. These actions are global, impacting anyone using the Board. Deleting a pipeline moves all the Issues in that pipeline to the pipeline furthest left in your Board.

Add new pipelines

As your team makes workflow changes, ZenHub makes it easy to focus on kaizen and keep your workflow flexible. Scroll to the far right of your Board to add a new pipeline!

You can move the pipelines on your board by using drag and drop to ensure the order of the pipelines accurately reflects your workflow:

Pipeline Descriptions

Next, let's take a look at pipeline descriptions. Pipeline descriptions enable you and your team to effectively communicate what each pipeline means on the board. Adding a description to each pipeline ensures you can communicate what your particular workflow means within your workspace. Why not spark discussion with team members on what pipeline descriptions should be added to your board?

Now, let's take a look at adding descriptions to your pipelines.

For empty pipelines with no description, a + will be show next to the i icon next to the pipeline name. You can select this to add a description to the pipeline. 

You can also select the Add description+ shown in pipelines with empty states:

Don't need to see a pipeline? No problem! Collapse it to focus on the stages most applicable to you. Expanding and collapsing pipelines doesn't impact anyone else's view, only your own. To collapse or expand a pipeline, select either of the arrows above the pipeline name:

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