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ZenHub Workspaces

A Workspace is a collection of work and insights, including all data and information related to that collection of work. A Workspace includes:

  • The ZenHub Board
    • Boards can be made of many, or just one GitHub repository
  • Reports and insights for all the GitHub Issues within the repositories in your Board
  • Notifications for all GitHub Issues in the Board

The Workspace acts like a "project" or "team" homepage. Sharing or navigating to the Workspace is how you enter your team's workflow or project. Many teams organize Workspaces by:

  • Team: For example, all Front-end work in a Workspace
  • Project: For example, all code related to a large project being worked on
  • By how the code of their product is distributed in GitHub: 
    • If you have all code in 1 repository, you'd have 1 major Workspace
    • If you managed your mobile code separate from your platform code, you might want to make a Mobile Workspace and a Platform Workspace

ZenHub Boards

A ZenHub Board lives within a Workspace. The Board is a way to track Issues and projects from an idea, through triage, to planning, development, and further to being released. A Board is made of a collection of pipelines which represent the stages that work would go through within your team. 

Here's an example workflow:

  • Incoming Triage: Where all new Issues land. The team is able to review priority, impact, and determine whether this will move to further discussion or be put aside as not important at the moment.
  • Icebox: Issues that you're not going to be working on, nor have plans to discuss within the next 6 months can be put in an Icebox, parking lot, or other pipeline stage that the team isn't going to be looking at consistently.
  • Backlog: A prioritized (top-to-bottom) list of work that the team is working on adding details to, and planning on working on shortly. 
  • Sprint backlog: Committed to work that will be worked on in the next 2 weeks. 
  • In Progress: The team is actively developing these Issues
  • Code Review: Majority of the work is done, but the code is being reviewed and tested for bugs and that it matches the Issue requirements.
  • Done: These Issues are ready for Release!

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