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Creating the Same Label set in Multiple Repos at Once

Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

When connecting multiple repos together in a Workspace, teams often want to ensure the same label set is created across all connected repos. 

Labels are a native GitHub feature, meaning labels belong to each repository, separately. They are pulled into the Zenhub experience as part of interacting with Issues, Workspaces, and Reports. When working in Zenhub in a multi-repo Workspace, because labels belong to the repo, when working with Issues you will see different label sets based on the repo the Issue belongs to. 

If you want to see the same labels regardless of which repo the Issue belongs to, you can use Zenhub's multi-action to create labels across repos.

Use multi-action to create labels cross-repo

The multi-action menu for applying labels will pull all available labels across all connected repos. 

To apply those available labels to connected repos where labels don't yet exist, get started by creating a Test Issue in each connected repo where you'd like to create labels.

Once you have a test Issue in each connected repo, hover over the avatar and click to enter multi-action. Once you enter multi-action, click on all the newly created Issues.


Once in multi-action, select Apply labels. In the apply label workflow, select all labels that you'd like to be created across all connected Workspaces.

Reminder! This list populates with all labels available from all connected repos—this is why you're able to select labels irrespective of the repo you're in. 

Once you've selected all relevant Issues, hit Apply Changes

Each of your test Issues will now have the selected labels. Because you applied labels to Issues in repos where these labels otherwise didn't exist, Zenhub auto-creates the labels in each repo during the apply process. 

After the Issue gets updated with the newly applied labels, use the quick action to close the Issue. 

Additional reminders

  • This workflow will create, but not sync changes made to labels per-repo once the labels are created. If you edit a label in one, but not the other connected repos, the edit will not automatically appear across connected repos.
  • This is most recommended when you already have a set of labels you want to re-apply across the other connected repos. 
  • Labels must exist in 1 of the connected repos to be applied. You will still need to manually create the labels in 1 of your repos.

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