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When taking a look at your ZenHub board without any filtering or sorting applied, it can be a bit overwhelming! Thankfully, there are a number of ways to filter the board to surface the information that is the most meaningful to you. For an overview of all of our board features and functionality, check out our article that deep-dives into board features and functionality—In this article we are going to focus on the two new members to the filtering team: Estimates and Authors.

Estimate Filtering

A lot of users asked us about the ability to filter on estimates, and we heard you! We built an estimate filter for the board so you can surface issues that have a specific estimate value. One way this can really optimize the sprint planning process: If you know that your team is aiming for a specific number of story points to tackle in a given sprint and you have allocated, say, 37 out of 40 story points and you want to pluck the top priority 3 point issue, you can filter the board for only 3 story point issues! 

That way, you don’t need to scroll through the entire sprint backlog to find the perfect final piece to add to the sprint. Less time scrolling and digging for issues means more time dedicated to having those key planning conversations with your team! You could also use the filter to seek out issues without an estimate applied, ensuring that any issues you want to include in your next sprint have been evaluated and scoped before being added into the mix.

Author Filtering

Not sure where the issue you filed a few months ago ended up? Looking for a specific issue that a coworker wrote before heading on vacation? Author filtering has got your back! With the addition of author filtering, you can now focus on issues authored by specific users in your organization. This is a huge time saver for your day-to-day ZenHub use.

So, where can you find these filters? They live in the top toolbar, along with our original filtering options. In the interest of saving space, there is an arrow that will allow you to expand the toolbar  to include these options (dropping the search field below), or hide the new filters leaving the search field up top (as usual):

Expanded View

Expanded view

Contracted view

Contracted view

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