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Instructions to setup a custom webhook for ZHE

Instructions to Setup Custom Webhooks for ZHE

Unzip the file and open it in a text editor. Open the ZenHub web app and open the Chrome Developer Console

Type localStorage.api_token in the Developer Console. 

This will show the private API token. Copy the value to set the ZENHUB_PRIVATE_API_TOKEN variable in the create-zenhub-webhook.shscript.

Complete the other values on the script. The script includes notes for each type of value to complete.

Execute the following steps in a system terminal

  • Change the mode of the script to allow the system to execute it
    $ chmod +x ./
  • Run the script from the terminal
    $ ./

This will create the specified webhook for ZenHub Enterprise.


  • The webhook is not going to appear in the list of webhooks because of a bug in the enterprise dashboard, but the webhook will still work. It can be tested by moving or estimating issues on the repo for which the webhook was created, upon moving the issue a webhook event should be sent to the specified WEBHOOK_URL.
  • The script assumes that the user has cURL installed in the system.

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