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Your Board is set up, you're familiar with the ins and outs of board functionality and now you are looking to add your team! To bring your colleagues into ZenHub follow these easy steps:

Enter the left-hand navigation panel 

In either the extension or the web app, navigate to the sidebar navigation where you will see the Invite option

View who is in ZenHub already, or who is suggested to add

After selecting Invite your team, you'll see suggested team members (those who are already assigned to Issues in the Board, that aren't yet in ZenHub) and team members already in ZenHub.

Clicking on a suggested team member will prompt you to add your team mate's email to join you in the Board. You have to use a , or hit enter to confirm the email, making it appear green in the modal.

Invite team members via email

If you don't see your team members listed in the suggested team members field it's because they have not participated or created Issues in the repository yet. That's ok! You can still add them using their email address:

When adding a team member using their email address, ensure that you hit enter and see the email highlighted in green.

My teammate received the invite, what do they need to do?

When your team member has received the invite, they can follow the link in the email to download ZenHub for their preferred browser (or navigate to the web app at

Once they have authenticated through GitHub, as long as they have write permissions to the repositories ZenHub is being used for (which is managed through the GitHub repo permission model), they will be able to immediately access the ZenHub board! 

What if my team member can not see the ZenHub Board?

If your team member cannot see the ZenHub board, depending on the error message they are seeing we have some key troubleshooting guides available to help debug the issue.

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