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Note: ZenHub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to ZenHub

This article is only applicable for teams using ZenHub with Contact us if you have questions about your ZenHub Enterprise subscription.

If you signed up for ZenHub via the GitHub Marketplace, all payments are managed through the Marketplace after sign up.  

Managing subscriptions through the Marketplace

When signing up through the Marketplace, all subscription changes need to be made through the Marketplace. Starting a trial, regardless of the plan you select, on the Marketplace is opt-out. This means if now isn't the right time for ZenHub for you and the team, you'll have to cancel the trial before the 14 day expiry to ensure you don't get billed. 

All billing is consolidated on the same payment method you use to pay for GitHub. If you have any concerns or questions about billing when on a GitHub Marketplace plan, please contact GitHub Support.

To get started, head to and select set up a free trial

There are two trial options to get started:

  • Free: For projects on public repos
  • Growth: For personal plans on private repositories, or if you're using the Business or Organization plan in GitHub

If you're using GitHub Enterprise, you'll have to get in touch to setup your team with ZenHub Enterprise! 

Select the plan that's right for you, how many seats you'd like to start with, and get started by proceeded to Try free for 14 days

When confirming payment, be sure to select the right organization (or personal account) on the Billing Information section. By default, this will auto-fill your own personal GitHub username account. If you are going to be using ZenHub on your personal, private repos, continue with this option. 

If you're purchasing for your GitHub organization, be sure to switch billing accounts and select the right organization. 

Once you complete your subscription, you'll be prompted to select where you'd like to get started: the web app or extension. 

Making changes to your subscription

To make changes at anytime, head back to The Edit your plan option gives you the option to:

  • Add or remove licenses
  • Update billing details 
  • Cancel your plan

You can also manage cancellations and billing updates via your profile Billing settings in GitHub

If you visit the ZenHub Dashboard, you'll also be prompted to make changes via GitHub.

Assigning licenses in ZenHub

Once licenses are purchased via the Marketplace, head back to the ZenHub Dashboard and navigate to manage your plan. You can assign licences to anyone in the team who has connected their GitHub account with ZenHub, and that has permissions within your GitHub organization. 

Get in touch if you have any issues assigning seats, or have questions about managing payments in the Marketplace!

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