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This article is only applicable for teams using ZenHub with Contact us if you have questions about your ZenHub Enterprise subscription.

Permissions needed to manage payments

To manage payments, you need to:

  • Have a verified GitHub user account
  • Have read or write permissions with your GitHub organization
  • Successfully sign up with ZenHub, connecting your GitHub account to ZenHub

You do not need to be an admin in GitHub, but you do need to ensure you are part of your team's organization, and have permissions to at least 1 repository. At the moment, if you do not have a valid GitHub account, and valid seat in your GitHub organization, you cannot access the payments dashboard. 

Connecting your GitHub account to ZenHub

Once you've logged into your GitHub account via, navigate to You'll be prompted to Sign in with GitHub

If you have the right permissions on your GitHub account to access the payments dashboard, you will see your GitHub organization appear in the list during login:

Don't see your organization? It means your GitHub account doesn't have the right permissions. Talk to the individual within your team that manages GitHub permissions to get your account setup with the right access.

Accessing the payments dashboard

To access the Dashboard, you can either click into your organization and select any of the repositories in the list in the sidebar, or navigate directly to

If you navigate to a repository, on the bottom left of the sidebar is your username. Hover over your username, and select Manage organizations.

Once you have access, you can manage the subscription and make appropriate changes. View all our help articles on managing payments for more details.

Making someone a ZenHub admin

By default, the individual who subscribed to ZenHub becomes the admin. Any admin can make others admins through the Manage your plan tab.

To upgrade permissions, the admin can use the three dots located next to anyone already signed up, and successfully authenticated with ZenHub. At the moment, if a team member hasn't signed up for ZenHub, they cannot manage payments or the subscription.

If you're not yet an admin, but a user on ZenHub, you can view who your current admins are through the Team members tab, looking for the Admin badge.

We recommend always ensuring you have at least 2 admins on your account at all times to ensure any subscription changes can be managed by multiple team members. 

No admin on your account?

If circumstances change and there is no one in the organization who has admin permissions on ZenHub, we can help you get back on track! To upgrade someone's permissions on the account we need:

  • Your GitHub organization name
  • The new billing contact details
  • The new admin's GitHub username

We will only upgrade permissions for individuals who reach out via a business email associated with the account, for security purposes. 

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