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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

This article is only applicable for teams using Zenhub with Contact us if you have any questions about your Zenhub Enterprise subscription. 

If you're here, we're sad to see that you're looking to cancel. We'd love if you could take a few minutes to let us know how we can improve, or what didn't work.

If you have a GitHub Marketplace subscription, view GitHub's help guides on cancelling your Marketplace ZenHub subscription.

To cancel, head to Account details for the Zenhub Dashboard and use the Cancel subscription option under the subscription details.

When cancelling, we ask for some optional feedback (please let us know how we can improve).

Refunds for cancellations

Monthly Plans: If your team is on a monthly plan, your cancellation will become effective at your next billing date. You'll have the remaining time on your monthly invoice to continue using Zenhub and transition. If you forgot to cancel the subscription before your monthly renewal date, send us an email and we can refund your last monthly payment only. We cannot provide a refund for prior monthly payments.

Yearly Plans: If you're subscribed to a yearly plan, we do not offer refunds, but your team can continue using Zenhub until your next yearly invoicing date. 

Deleting your Zenhub profile

If you are no longer interested in using Zenhub and want to remove your Zenhub account permanently, we offer a GDPR compliant data-delete workflow via

Using the Delete my profile workflow is permanent and will disconnect and remove your token connection with Zenhub during deletion. This is non-reversible. You will have to re-authenticate your account to get started once more. Only delete your profile if you are certain!

References to actions you've created post-deletion will no longer have reference to you, you will be removed from all mailing list (except if you reach out directly via support, you will receive these emails back from us), and you will be removed from our database. 

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