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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

Only Zenhub admins can add and remove licenses. Learn more here. This article is also only applicable for teams using Zenhub with Contact us if you have questions about your Zenhub Enterprise subscription.

View who has requested a license

If new team members are getting started with Zenhub, but you don't have enough licenses on your subscription, we prompt the individual to request a license from the admins on the account the first time they view the Board. 

This triggers an email notification to all the Zenhub admins in your organization, as well as updates the Dashboard to indicate new team members are trying to get started. 

Here's what your team will see when requesting a license:

By navigating to the Manage your plan area of the Dashboard, a Zenhub administrator can see the team members that belong to your GitHub organization that are requesting a license, and how many licenses you have left to assign to your team. You can also use this page to add more licenses if you need to upgrade the subscription. 

Purchasing more licenses and checking out

Every time you are in the checkout window, you'll be able to view:

  • How many licenses you're purchasing
  • The cost per team member
  • On what cadence you will be paying (monthly or yearly)
  • Your renewal date, or next invoice date
  • The new total charge you will see now, and on your next invoice(s)
  • What team members are licensed, and will have newly assigned licenses post-purchase
  • If the charge will be pro-rated (mid-cycle changes to your billing)
  • And, if you're making changes on an existing account, get a view of the credit card the charge will be made on

Adding / removing licenses mid-month or mid-year

Adding or removing licenses mid-month on a monthly subscription

If you add licenses mid-month you will be charged in the next billing period. You'll be charged the pro-rated amount for the time remaining in the month. If you remove licenses mid-month you will receive a credit for the unused time in the next billing period.

Adding or removing licenses mid-month on an annual subscription

  • Adding licenses mid-year on an annual subscription:  When adding licenses mid-year, you'll be charged immediately. This will be a pro-rated charge for the time remaining in the year.
  • Removing licenses mid-year on a yearly subscription: When removing licenses mid-year, you'll receive a credit on your next invoice on the billing renewal date.The credit will be for the time remaining in the year

At any point during the payment process, you can also save 20% by upgrading to yearly!

Removing licenses

If your team is downsizing Zenhub usage, you can reduce your subscription by unassigning licenses via manage your plan, and then navigating to the Account details tab.

First, you'll need to un-assign licenses from any team members who are still active within your organization. If these folk have already been removed, you can skip this step and navigate directly to account details. To unassign licenses, head to manage your plan. 

Select the three dots located next to an individual and select Unassign license.

Once you've unassigned the appropriate licenses, navigate to account details and use the Remove licenses option to downgrade. Select the amount of seats no longer needed and confirm.

Removing users once their Zenhub license has been revoked

Once a user's Zenhub license has been revoked they can no longer access Zenhub Workspaces or view Zenhub data. If you're looking to remove users entirely from your Zenhub and GitHub organizations, you will have to revoke their permissions directly in GitHub in addition to removing them from your Zenhub Organization. This will ensure they can no longer access your GitHub repositories or organizational data. Learn more about removing users from GitHub here

Note:  It may take some time for the user's name to no longer show on the list in the Zenhub Dashboard. However, as long as their Zenhub license has been removed and their access to the repositories has been revoked in GitHub, they won't be able to access Zenhub or view any Zenhub data.

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