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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

Anyone can subscribe to Zenhub during the trial period. Once subscribed, only Zenhub admins can make subscription changes. Learn more here. This article is also only applicable for teams using Zenhub with Contact us if you have questions about your Zenhub Enterprise subscription.

The Zenhub Dashboard is where you purchase a plan, manage your plan, track who is using Zenhub, and get important information around your subscription.

Subscribing to a plan during or after a trial

Once you’re in a trial, the Dashboard counts you down until you have to pay. The Team members section on the dashboard also shows who is in the trial with you, to give you a better indication of who on the team is helping you get Zenhub setup. 

We recommend bringing at least 3 to 5 other folk from your team into the trial to optimize your experience! 

When the trial has ended, you'll be prompted to subscribe to a paid plan. To continue using Zenhub, or upgrade before your team hits the end of the trial, you can subscribe at any time by continuing to Subscribe now option on the Dashboard.

Checking out and subscribing to a plan

During the checkout process, you'll be able to confirm how many seats you'd like to initial get started with, the total cost, and more about the subscription. Every time you are in the checkout window, you'll be able to view:

  • How many licenses you're purchasing
  • The cost per team member
  • On what cadence you will be paying (monthly or yearly)
  • Your renewal date, or next invoice date
  • The new total charge you will see now, and on your next invoice(s)
  • What team members are licensed, or will have newly assigned licenses post-purchase
  • If the charge will be pro-rated (mid-cycle changes to your billing)
  • And, if you're making changes on an existing account, get a view of the credit card the charge will be made on

If you subscribe to a paid plan before your 14-day trial ends, we do not automatically end the trial. All team members within your GitHub organization can trial Zenhub for this 14 day period. Once the trial ends you can visit the manage your plan section of the Dashboard to remove and re-assign licenses as needed.

Payment options accepted

At the moment, we only accept payment via major credit cards. During payment, you'll be asked to provide the card number, expiry, number on the back of your card, and ZIP (or equivalent postal/mailing code).

All payments are powered using Stripe.

Once subscribed, we still honor any of the remaining time in your trial if you add payment details early, only charging your first invoice after the trial has ended. 

After you've successfully added payment details, you will see a summary of:

  • When the trial ends
  • The renewal date (the day you’ll be charged and when subsequent payments will take place)
  • Your current subscription amount

Adding a billing address 

If you need to have your organization's billing address on all invoices, you can add the appropriate details via the Account details tab. The Customer Information section has sections for:

  • Adding a billing contact and address, which appears on all invoices moving forward
  • A VAT or GST ID

You can also get in touch with us to help you get this updated! 

Updating a billing contact

By default, whoever pays for the subscription becomes the Zenhub Admin. Learn more about Zenhub Admin permissions here

The person who inputs payment details also automatically become the billing contact. The email that invoices will be sent to is the email that is associated with your GitHub username login. If you need to update this to a centralized billing contact, or your work email, you can use the Billing Information, change email section under Account details.

If you need to add additional emails to your billing records, get in touch with us to add additional billing contacts.

Updating your credit card information

If you need to update your credit card information, that can be done within the Dashboard in the Billing Information, update card section under Account details.


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