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Within ZenHub, you can view issue activity notifications on your Board based on your GitHub notification settings. Real-time notifications help you understand where to focus your time when viewing any Workspace.

Enabling notifications via GitHub's notification settings

To enable real-time Workspace notifications, you need to ensure you're either watching, or subscribed to notifications within the GitHub repositories that make up your ZenHub Workspaces. Here's the various ways notification settings and how that impacts real-time updates appearing on the Board:

  • You're watching a repository. When first getting started, repo notifications are enabled by default. To update your settings, select a repo and choose Watching, Not Watching, Releases only or Ignoring from the drop-down menu. When watching a repo, any activity, on any Issue will create a notification in ZenHub.
  • Not watching a repository, but subscribed to @mentions and comments on Issues you've previously participated in. When you're not watching a repo, but subscribed to general GitHub notifications, you will receive real-time updates for an Issue you have been tagged in, or for updates on Issues you've subscribed to. 
  • Releases only. When you're not watching a repo, you will receive real-time updates for new releases or when participating or @mentioned in Issues.
  • Don't want to see updates on the Board? Disable all notifications on Issues, select Ignoring from the drop down menu.

With ZenHub notifications enabled, you’ll have the ability to view new activity on Issues, provide critical feedback, and push projects more quickly through pipelines into deployment.

Viewing notifications in a Workspace

Issues with new activity will be highlighted with a blue line to the left of each Issue.

When hovering on an Issue, a notification icon will appear on the top right. After selecting the icon, click New activity on this issue to view the most recent comments added to the Issue:


Updating your current settings to enable real-time notifications

If you need to make any notification changes to enable the real-time Board updates, head here to customize your profile settings. You can also view GitHub's in-depth notification guide here to learn more about notifications in GitHub.

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