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The API rate limit command tool works for all versions of Zenhub Enterprise 2.22 and above.

Best practices and important limits

By default we allow 100 requests / minute in Zenhub Enterprise. We recommend not enabling the API rate limits, or if you're modifying them, to set them to a minimum of 5,000 requests per hour.

Rate limits in Zenhub Enterprise can only be configured by Admins of the instance. If you would like to configure the API rate limit, follow the steps below.

Changing the rate limit

Everytime you excute the API rate limit command you'll be prompted to confirm, which will re-start the API. Upon re-starting the API, all users' connections will be disconnected and downtime will persist for a few seconds. Users' connections will be automatically re-connected after the restart has been completed.


zhe-rate-limit [-h|--help] [show] [set] <requests> <duration>

  • Show: Displays the current configured Rate Limit.
  • Set: Sets the Rate Limit.
  • Requests: The number of requests over a duration.
  • Duration: The rate limit duration (in seconds).


zhe-rate-limit set 100 60

This sets the Rate Limit to be 100 requests per 60 seconds (100 requests per minute).

zhe-rate-limit set 5000 3600

This sets the Rate Limit to 5000 requests per 3600 seconds (5000 requests per hour).

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