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This guide includes links to backup and restore your ZenHub Enterprise instance. We strongly recommend backing up your database regularly to keep your information safe, particularly when performing upgrades.

Download the backup and restoration tool

Ensure you can ssh to the ZenHub Enterprise Server. If not, navigate to the ZenHub Enterprise Settings page, and add your SSH Public Key to the ZenHub Enterprise Server. To confirm a key has been added, try accessing the ZenHub Enterprise Server via SSH.


$ ssh admin@

Download the backup and restoration client tool.

Note: The full path to the backup script should contain no spaces. You can confirm this by executing the pwd command while in the directory with the scripts.

Note: Backups made of ZenHub Enterprise 2.34 or lower often have problems when restoring to ZenHub Enterprise 2.36 or higher. For this reason, when upgrading between these versions, we recommend upgrading via upgrade package rather than deploying a fresh appliance and restoring a backup to it.

Backup your data

Run the Backup client tool:

/path/to/tool/zhe-client-backup [your_zhe_hostname]

The backed up file will be in the same directory as the zhe-client-backup tool. The filename is the timestamp of the backup execution.

Data restore

Run the Restore Client Tool:

/path/to/tool/zhe-client-restore [your_zhe_hostname] [snapshot]

Your ZenHub Enterprise instance is now fully restored.

If there were any errors during the backup or restore get in touch with us at

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