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Error creating or deleting/closing Milestones

Important: ZenHub has launched a Sprints entity separate from GitHub Milestones

Changes made to GitHub Milestones will not be synchronized with Sprints. GitHub Milestones will still exist however we recommend checking out Sprints as they function similar to Milestones with a few added benefits. Learn more

Errors when creating milestones

Check the console for errors

If you are trying to create Milestones, but are getting a notification post-creation that is saying it wasn’t successfully created, check the developer console for what error message is occurring.

If you are unfamiliar with the console, here's how to open it:

  • Right click anywhere on the page
  • From the dropdown that appears, select Inspect
  • An in-browser window will appear. Navigate to the second tab labeled Console.

Developer Console Tab

If you’re seeing anything in red appear in the console, check for the error message title. If you're not seeing anything in red, keep the console open and try refreshing the page.

Below are common errors and how to clear them. You can also get in touch at anytime.

422 (Unprocessable Entity)

This means that a Milestone already exists with this name in this repository!

Milestones have to have unique names and can’t be duplicated, so try with a new name! Be sure to give the Milestone a valid start/end date to ensure Burndown and Velocity work as expected. You can always use the Milestone management page to view, edit, and clean up your Milestones.

400 Bad Request

{"message":"Error response from GitHub API"}

If you’re seeing a 400 (Bad Request) this typically means you’ve gone over the amount of interactions that GitHub allows each user to perform across all integrated services (GitHub limits requests to 5000 per hour, across all your apps). These limits protect teams against abuse on the infrastructure of GitHub.

Hitting a rate limit error means that ZenHub might experience some delays loading until the hour resets. A rate limit error can be triggered by multiple things:

  • Having a significant amount of information in your Board or within each Milestone: for example, 50+ repos connected or hundreds of Issues within each Milestone.
  • You have a custom script across any of integrated products and are using the API to run heavy requests.
  • You have a significant amount of integrated products that are each running and making a lot calls to GitHub.

If you’re experiencing this error consistently, you might also have an issue with third party restrictions denying ZenHub access.

Check for third party permission restrictions

If you can create Milestones through the GitHub Milestone page, but not through ZenHub, check the OAuth settings for your organization in the GitHub profile settings.

Once in Settings, head to Applications > Authorized OAuth apps. If you click on the ZenHub title under the list of applications, it will display all authorized organizations connected to ZenHub.

Checking authorized oAuth apps in GitHub

If you see a red X next to the organization where you are having issues loading your Board, it means third party restrictions are enabled for the organization.

Checking authorized oAuth apps in GitHub

Only admins of your GitHub organization can grant access to oAuth apps.

If you see a green next to your organization, but still can't create Milestones, check if you were granted permissions within the last 3 hours. Permissions get cached for 3 hours, but you can force ZenHub to re-check for your new permissions by revoking your token under the authorized oAuth apps section, and re-authenticating by clicking Sign in on the bottom right of any page in the extension, or refreshing the web app.

Errors when deleting/closing milestones

If you're experiencing issues closing/deleting milestones from the milestones page of the web app we'd recommend checking the following:

  • Check if any of the repositories associated with that milestone have been archived. If a repository is archived the milestone will remain on the page and can't be closed. We'd recommend either a) remove the archived repo from the Workspace which will allow you to close the milestone or b) un-archive the repository.

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