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Important: ZenHub has launched a ZenHub Sprint entity separate from GitHub Milestones

Changes made to GitHub Milestones will not be synchronized with Sprints. GitHub Milestones will still exist however we recommend checking out Sprints as they function similar to Milestones with a few added benefits. Learn more about Sprints here

Create the same Milestone across a multi-repo Workspace

If you've created a multi-repo Workspace, ZenHub makes it easy to create a GitHub Milestone spanning several repositories. This eliminates the need to duplicate work or sync Milestones together. To get started, find the + beside the New Issue button.

Creating cross-repo milestones

Currently, both Milestones must be exactly the same to merge together as one. Otherwise, they'll appear separately in your reports. That means they must have the same:

  • Name
  • Start and end date

As long as the above two conditions are met, you can successfully merge Milestones before or after you connect repos.

By default, when using the + button to create Milestones, all connected repos will be selected in the dropdown. If you want to create a Milestone in only a few of the connected repos, click on the dropdown and de-select the repos where you do not want the Milestone to appear.

Entering Milestone details

In the ZenHub web app teams can also create Milestones across connected workspaces using the Milestone page and selecting the New Milestone button.

Creating cross-repo Milestones in the Web App

Editing and closing Milestones

To bulk edit and close Milestones across connected workspaces, head to the ZenHub web app and navigate to your multi-repo Workspace. The Milestone page can be used to bulk edit and close open Milestones across connected repos. All open Milestones will appear on this page. Use the Edit Milestone or Close Milestone buttons make bulk changes.

Once Milestones get closed in bulk they cannot be re-opened in bulk. To re-open connected Milestones, head to the specific repository where the Milestone is located and use the re-open Milestone option native in GitHub.

When a Milestone is connected across multiple repos, hover over the details text on the right of each Milestone to see what repos the Milestone belongs to.

Connected repos and Milestones

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