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Note: Zenhub's full feature set is unlocked when you connect your GitHub Organization to Zenhub

Quickly navigate Zenhub through your keyboard no matter where you are. Below is a list of all the supported Zenhub shortcuts.

Global shortcuts

These shortcuts work anywhere in the web app and in all Zenhub pages in the extension. Use these shortcuts to quickly navigate to different parts of Zenhub.

  • Open Board: z + b
  • Open Burndown: z + d
  • Open Velocity tracking: z + v
  • Open Release reports: z + r
  • Open Notifications: z + n ; web app only
  • Open Shortcuts: z + s ; web app only
  • Create new Issue: n + i 
  • Create new Epic:   n + e 
  • Open Repo selector (sidebar in the web app), open Repo switcher (extension): shift + z 

Issue shortcuts

Whenever you have an Issue open, you can use these shortcuts to quickly manage your issue data.

  • Select Pipeline: i + p ; web app only

  • Select Label: i + l

  • Select Assignee: i + a

  • Select Estimate: i + e

  • Select Epic: i + k

  • Select Release: i + r

  • Select Dependency: i + d

Board shortcuts

On the board you can use these shortcuts to swiftly find and manage your Issues.

  • Search: f + i

  • New Issue: n + i

  • Enter Fullscreen: shift + f 

  • Filter Repo: b + p

  • Filter Labels: b + l

  • Filter Assignees: b + a

  • Filter Epics: b + k

  • Filter Releases: b + r

  • Full Screen: shift+f; extensions only

Multi-select shortcuts

When Issues are selected on the board, use these shortcuts to interact with the multi-action options.

  • Select Pipeline: b + p

  • Select Label: b + l

  • Select Assignee: b + a

  • Select Estimate: b + e

  • Select Epic: b + k

  • Select Release: b + r

Report shortcuts

In the burndown, velocity tracking, and release report pages, you can quickly filter and see more detailed data.

  • Filter report by label: b + l

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